Want to talk to our travellers? We can arrange it.

It’s the difference between people who are interested in travel and people who actually do it. Lots of people dream of going away, get inspiration about travelling – but never book it. As we are part of one of Europe’s largest online travel agencies, we actually know the type of people who have booked.

We also know that these people earn on average 23% more per month and therefore shop more than others. So whether you want to target the smartly-dressed uncle who always buys a classy bottle of cognac on his way home from Frankfurt, the family who buys M&Ms en route to the Canary Islands, or the singleton on their way to a weekend stay in London, we can help you.

Our current advertising clients include Swedavia, Dubai, SAS and Norwegian. We are part of Etraveli Group, Scandinavia’s leading e-commerce company in online travel. Our company has operations in 45+ countries around the world, with brands such as Flygresor.se, Supersaver/Supersavertravel, Gotogate and Travelstart.

Those who travel occasionally

Travellers going away on an occasional basis are looking for experiences in new environments, cultures and cities. They’re interested in culture, shopping, food, fashion and beauty. Quite simply, a perfect target group for so many advertisers! This group spends more in conjunction with a flight.

Business travellers

Those who travel for work mostly travel domestically in Sweden, but also within Scandinavia and Europe. They stay a short time or even travel there and back on the same day. Comfort and a smooth journey are paramount! Looking for reliable sources of information is a must for this target group.

Those who travel often

This group travels regularly – in fact, the majority of our visitors fly three to five times per year. Some is business travel, but the majority fly for leisure, on holiday or to visit friends and family. This target group is less price sensitive and loyal to their brands.


Families with children travel abroad up to three times per year and really take the chance to see their destination and do activities together. Families spend double as much on clothes, electronics and other items compared to those who travel charter. A goldmine for anyone wanting to make a sale!

Singles, couples and groups on private holiday


This group see their holiday as a chance to really relax. The desire to have the perfect experience and recharge their batteries with friends. Singles often travel with a higher budget than average and want to make the most of their trip, having fun and enjoying themselves.


Couples travelling with us spend more than double (+123%) on trips than couples who travel charter, for example. And not just that – they spend much more on clothes, furniture, home decor and other items than average (couples who do not travel with us).

Couples without children

Couples looking for the chance to relax and travel to see family and friends. When they go on holiday, they play golf, go on excursions and enjoy the food and drink. For example, these couples are willing to spend more on clothes, good restaurants, sports equipment, make-up and watches.


Groups that travel together, without children and with more than two people in the party. These groups love travelling, have money and spend a lot when they are on holiday. Another positive is that they actively look for information, as they want new experiences.

Destination data

This is where you can choose the destination that fits your needs. Perhaps you want to talk to customers travelling to London tomorrow? So you can focus your messaging on them, across all units. A good example is for example if you wanted to sell swimwear to customers going to Dubai for X weeks.

Planned trips

If you want to focus your communications to those who have a planned trip, then this is your target group! This gives you the chance to supplement your promotion by choosing a target group that suits your objectives. Europe is the most popular by far and travellers want the full experience.

Vill du prata med våra köpstarka resenärer?

Det spelar ingen roll om du vill öka antalet personer som reser med ett särskilt flygbolag eller till en specifik destination. Vi hjälper dig identifiera rätt målgrupp och att prata med den – vid rätt tillfälle.

Want to talk to our travellers with purchasing power?

It doesn’t matter if you want to increase the number of people travelling with a particular airline or whether you want to be told about a really good destination. We will help you identify the right target audience and talk to them – at just the right moment.