Case studies


Swedavia owns and runs ten of the largest airports in Sweden. In working with Etraveli, Swedavia wanted a more close-knit relationship with their travellers to ease the first leg of their journey – transportation to and from the airport, parking, food and shopping.

To achieve this Etraveli Smart Media created an entirely new product that pairs purchase data with CRM-data. Through customized selections based on dates and points of departure, Swedavia were now able to reach travellers a specified number of days before departure; with offers like pre-booked parking at great prices or information about shopping opportunities at the airport. The net gain was an increased number of touch points with their travellers before departure as well as a surge in pre-booked parking – owed in no small part to the precision of Etraveli Smart Media’s communication channels.


The campaign objective was to promote Mastercard as the given choice of credit card for the summer holiday travels. Mastercard wanted to use targeted messages to reach Swedish summer travellers in different stages on their trip; before booking the flight, post booking, en route to the airport and later on in their journey.

Etraveli Smart Media, with our broad product portfolio within the travel segment, was a natural partner. For the campaign we chose to create several new customized products such as Wallpaper and Sponsorship of mobile travel plan. By involving them throughout the entire booking process, Mastercard didn’t have to compete with anyone else for attention in our channels and was the only visible sender leading up to the summer holiday season. The goal, to reach as many people as possible once, was realized with the help of Etraveli Smart Media’s reach on the Nordic market. That way Mastercard was able to increase their profile awareness as the go-to card while travelling.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines wanted its travellers to open up their eyes to an all-new airline, flying directly from Arlanda to Singapore. At the same time, they had a discount campaign to communicate. We helped them with a solution where we chose to focus on the travellers that had just begun to search for trips. At that point the traveller is still undecided and can be swayed with the right offer.

What we did for Singapore Airlines: they were given their own campaign pages, we sent e-mails to targeted audiences and displayed messages on our price comparison sites.

The campaign was shown 1 760 000 times and the e-mails opened by no less than 640 000 people. Above all, we sold 51 % more trips with Singapore Airlines during the campaign period compared to the same period the previous year.

Vill du prata med våra köpstarka resenärer?

Det spelar ingen roll om du vill öka antalet personer som reser med ett särskilt flygbolag eller till en specifik destination. Vi hjälper dig identifiera rätt målgrupp och att prata med den – vid rätt tillfälle.

Want to talk to our travellers with purchasing power?

It doesn’t matter if you want to increase the number of people travelling with a particular airline or whether you want to be told about a really good destination. We will help you identify the right target audience and talk to them – at just the right moment.