Brand Safety Guarantee

Etraveli Smart Media guarantees Brand safe Environments for advertising, such as on sites as Seat24 and as well as through e-mail channels. Marketers need brand safe environments to ensure reliable and effective campaigns.

It is important to advertise on the right type of site and a “brand safe” environment for advertising is a high priority. It is up to us as a publisher to protect the site to be able to guarantee that the ad will appear in a brand safe place.

Vill du prata med våra köpstarka resenärer?

Det spelar ingen roll om du vill öka antalet personer som reser med ett särskilt flygbolag eller till en specifik destination. Vi hjälper dig identifiera rätt målgrupp och att prata med den – vid rätt tillfälle.

Want to talk to our travellers with purchasing power?

It doesn’t matter if you want to increase the number of people travelling with a particular airline or whether you want to be told about a really good destination. We will help you identify the right target audience and talk to them – at just the right moment.