General specifications about Advertisement with Etraveli

  • You as a client are responsible for the material sent to Etraveli.
  • Make sure your material is fully functional and are designed according to Etravelis specifications.
  • Ads that disrupts the Etraveli environment or cause any technical difficulties will be taken down.
  • The copy in each banner should be translated into the languages that the campaign is to take place in.


The following colors should not be used on buttons in banners running on Booking Site (OTA):

  • BLUE


Send the material to Please state the name of the advertiser, and what campaign the material is for. Please attach all links necessary.


The fully functional banner must be submitted no later than 3 working days prior to campaign start to In case of late delivery, Etraveli is not to be responsible for any loss of exposure and no compensation for any loss of impressions is granted.

Client must make sure that all ads submitted have been tested and optimized for all internet browsers, operating systems and mobile devices.

Automatic start of Audio is not permitted.

Etraveli uses Adform as ad server to host material and deliver campaign.

The material we accept are:
– Images (GIF, JPG, PNG) (with the exception of the CRM specifications, see further down)
– GIF-animations

Third Party HTML5 and Third PartyTags are generally not accepted. HTML5 can be produced inhouse at Etraveli and will be hosted by Etraveli.


Technical specifications for Banner Advertising

Gif animations

  • Max file size: 100 kb
  • Max number of slides .gif: 3
  • Max animation length 30 seconds

HTML5 ads – produced by Etraveli Smart Media

  • Etraveli will host the material, for all external material such as images, javascript and CSS, please provide us with all necesary assets and links
  • ad should provide a fall back experience on non-html5 browsers, e.g. static image without causing errors
  • Expansion not allowed
  • Audio only permitted on click
  • Video in banner is allowed, Audio on click OR mouse-over. If on mouse-over, there MUST be a 1 second delay. The audio MUST stop when the banner is moused-off. Maximum polite load can be 1 MB
  • The total weight will not exceed 200 kb



Measurements and max weight for ads on Etraveli booking sites (px):

Placement Measurement (px) Max weight
Desktop 160 x 600 200 kb
Mobile  300 x 250 or 320 x 320 150 kb



Measurements and max weight for ads on Flight Search sites (such as (px):

Placement Measurement (px) Max weight
Leaderboard 728×90 200 kb
Insider 300×250 200 kb
Insider below 300×600 200 kb


Measurements and max weight for ads in EXTENDED AUDIENCE (px):

Please note that handling orders regrading Extended Audience can take 2-5 business days before launch of campaign.

Name Measurement (px) Max weight Animation
Skyscraper: 120 x 600 100 kb 30 seconds 3 loops
Panorama 1: 980 x 240 100 kb 30 seconds 3 loops
Panorama 2: 980 x 120 100 kb 30 seconds 3 loops
Wide Skyscraper: 160 x 600 100 kb 30 seconds 3 loops
Rectangle: 300 x 250 100 kb 30 seconds 3 loops
Half-Page: 300 x 600 100 kb 30 seconds 3 loops
Banner: 468 x 60 100 kb 30 seconds 3 loops
Mobile leaderboard: 320 x 50 100 kb 30 seconds 3 loops
Leaderboard: 728 x 90 100 kb 30 seconds 3 loops