Advertising Policy

The eTRAVELi  Advertising Policy

  • Chief Sales Officer and Chief Communications Officer have the ultimate responsibility  when it comes to which ads that can run and be published.
  • All sales of ads within areas which has a tendency to be unethical must always be approved by CSO and CCO. The approval shall be collected before offering is made to client. This refers to advertisers within;
    • Alcohol
    • Tobacco
    • Financial services such as Short Term Loans
  • Sales of ads within the following category is not permitted;
    • Gambling including Betting and Casinos
  • All sales of Ads and/or messages within Politics are refused (parties, campaigns etc).
  • ETRAVELI has an Exclusivity agreement with Solid for travel insurances – no other insurance advertiser can advertise on OTA sites.
  • ETRAVELI will not use ads that are violent of local law and / or which can be interpreted as unethical and therefore risks to harm our brands.
  • ETRAVELI reserves the right that after review decline ad materials. The advertiser shall comply ETRAVELIs ”Creative Guidelines” in those cases where this applies and is necessary.
  • ETRAVELI does not accept ads for commercial products which goes against the consumer- and marketing act / law in the specific country. Sweden:
  • ETRAVELI will not receive ads with pornographic content, nor ads with racist or otherwise offensive content.
  • ETRAVELI does not accept political or other opinion advertising, such as ads from political parties. ETRAVELI will however accept ads from labor market and organisations.
  • ETRAVELI works with standardized formats. If advertiser wish to make an exception this must be approved by Director Smart Media and/or CSO.


With subject to change.