About us

Etraveli Smart Media was launched three years ago and a lot has happened since then! We have helped over 300 clients with advertising solutions, and are welcoming you as a client in our great premises on Drottninggatan in Stockholm.

It all actually began 5 years ago when we realised that we had a huge amount of knowledge on travellers’ online behaviour. We also realised early on that we could help others by lending them our communication space.

There both was and is a huge demand for communication in environments that are safe for a brand. Thanks to progress and development, we have many opportunities and tools at our disposal.

Choose where, when and how to advertise with us

The solution we create is entirely dependent on your company objectives. For example, it could be selling more suitcases in October, informing a family about a child friendly destination or showing business travellers the cabin of business class. We have clients who run campaigns with us year-round, and clients who advertise with us over shorter periods.

We can help you reach our travellers both on our own websites but also externally, on home pages, social media and web TV. During the entire campaign period we provide you with reporting in exactly the format you require.

Vill du prata med våra köpstarka resenärer?

Det spelar ingen roll om du vill öka antalet personer som reser med ett särskilt flygbolag eller till en specifik destination. Vi hjälper dig identifiera rätt målgrupp och att prata med den – vid rätt tillfälle.

Want to talk to our travellers with purchasing power?

It doesn’t matter if you want to increase the number of people travelling with a particular airline or whether you want to be told about a really good destination. We will help you identify the right target audience and talk to them – at just the right moment.